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Looking to grow your hedge fund, liquid alternative fund or alternative asset business—while also managing risk? You need a strong prime broker who is committed to this business and provides unwavering support.

We combine the power of Pershing and BNY Mellon to help you gain transparency, boost efficiency, generate additional revenues, and achieve your investment objectives.


Our Solutions


Featuring multiple routes to market and exceptional service, our financing solutions support a wide range of strategies leveraging the BNY Mellon enterprise.

Unlock the value of your portfolio with access to a large pool of lendable assets, including hard-to-borrow securities.

With a focus on client facilitation, we concentrate on the quality and timely execution of your trades.

Enjoy proactive, high-touch service and sophisticated business resources, backed by an experienced team and online real-time tools.

Our groundbreaking NetX360® platform offers transparent, global 24/7 access—integrated seamlessly with administrators, risk vendors, OMS and DMA solutions.

Expand your investor network, learn about allocator perspectives, and discuss product positioning with our Cap Intro team.

We provide resources to help launch and manage strategies in this growing asset class by facilitating all '40 Act assets.

For professional use only. Not intended for use by the general public. Pershing does not provide investment advice. Investment advisory services, if offered, may be provided by BNY Mellon Advisors, Inc., an investment adviser registered in the United States under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 or one or more affiliates of BNY Mellon. Technology services may be provided by Pershing X, Inc.

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